glasBridge Mentoring, Training, support and commitment to your success 

In this area of our office, we consider it the heartbeat of our success, your future successes. Training and mentoring can be so diluted and misunderstood that it ends up not being what is most right for the active agent wanting and needing these services. You may be able to relate as many times you may have felt a lack of help in many areas of your real estate business.

What is mentoring, Training and support in today’s business? Simple,

  1. Mentoring is the ability to be available to direct you to the answers needed and ensure you know how to implement them the right way for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Training is the ability to teach you the way you learn. To provide material that makes the most sense for your business needs right now today. To expose you to the areas of real estate that help you grow your business and help to build your expertise in the areas that are relevant to you and your current business path.
  3. Support is our ability to be available when you need us the most, our commitment is to be available on the phone or in person 7 days a week, this includes working together on your business transactions whenever needed. That support can be in person, to go along with you on your listings and your closings. We will participate as much as you need in order to have the greatest success.

glasBridge Educational Programs available to all glasBridge agents 

Below is a list of commercial classes you can take to help build your commercial career.

The list below are all the classes that will be on the calendar for the new year

  1. Forms and minimum standards
  2. Commercial Terminology
  3. Buying and selling Hotels
  4. Buying and selling multi-family
  5. How to buy and sell Mobil Home Parks with and without shares
  6. Buying and selling Commercial plazas, condominiumized and not
  7. Does and don’t for Vacant commercial land when selling or buying
  8. Selling business without property, pros Cons
  9. Selling and buying Restaurants, how to evaluate them
  10. Investment strategies

The list below is for Commercial lectures

  1. Presenting and understanding the invoice for a completed lease to owner/landlord
  2. Understanding No circumvent and No compete documents, why are they needed
  3. Letter of Intents, why do we use them, what should we include in them.
Commerical Trainer

1. Forms and Minimum standards for commercial 

In this commercial class we will go over all forms relevant to the commercial contract, leasing and listing forms. The minimum standards class will keep your client and your business safe. In this class we will talk about real life scenarios that can and will most likely happen to you over the course of your career in Commercial real estate. You will find this class to be very insightful as you will have a much better understanding of how to use these forms in an everyday practice. Knowing what form and how to fill out with ease, you will be the professional in your client’s eye and this is very important. You are dealing with large sums of money in the commercial world and is in a lot of cases the life savings or 401k savings maybe even the net worth of a small company. You want to give the very best information and provide the most professional services you can, at glasBridge you will learn these very important steps through lectures, filling ut the forms together and keeping them as your reference guide.

2. Commercial Terminology  

The most important part of your professional appearance and stature, is how you speak about commercial, describing the property details or the financial breakdown of the location. Knowing commercial terminology is one of the most important capabilities you must have. In this class we will ensure that not only will you understand the meanings of these commercial phrases, short forms and some equations but know when were and how to with professional ease. Walking the walk and talking the talk is one thing but knowing it and understanding it, is what we at glasBridge will teach you.